Exclusive: Garuda Aerospace to establish a drone factory in Malaysia


A drone startup based in Chennai In order to establish its first aerospace facility in Malaysia, Garuda Aerospace has teamed up with Malaysian drone solution provider HiiLSE Global SdnBhd (HiiLSE Drones), the business announced on Wednesday.

Exclusive: Garuda Aerospace to establish a drone factory in Malaysia 3

The 2.42-hectare facility, known as the HiiLSE Garuda Aerospace Plant, would be built at a cost of 115 crore rupees.

The partners want to concentrate on supplying state-of-the-art technology to both the public and private sectors throughout the region, “said a business release.

“This collaboration will establish a drone ecosystem with cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies”

CEO and founder of Garuda Aerospace, Agnishwar Jayaprakash

The plant, which would allegedly be the first and biggest in Southeast Asia once it is operating, will reportedly create 3,000 employees.

Garuda Aerospace has become India’s most valuable drone start-up with this partnership, according to him. It is poised to grow internationally and believes that the future is already here.

Garuda Aerospace is a drone-as-a-service (DaaS) startup that Jayaprakash founded in 2015. The start-up creates, and manufactures 30 different types of drones and provides over 50 services, including seed dropping, industry 4.0 upgrade services, structural damage inspection, warehouse management, and drone delivery of medications for hospitals. It also designs and manufactures 30 different types of drones.

Garuda Aerospace’s manufacturing facilities for drones at Manesar in Gurugram and in Chennai were essentially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a cricket player, became a stakeholder in the drone startup in June after investing an undisclosed sum. As a brand ambassador, he has also joined the startup.

Exclusive: Garuda Aerospace to establish a drone factory in Malaysia 4

Shanmugam S. Thanggavilo, the founder and CTO of HiiLSE Drones, emphasised how the collaboration will increase job opportunities in the area and that the Malaysian drone factory will emphasise technology and efficiency in order to save prices.

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